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  • Pig Roll


    Succulent locally sourced spit roasted pig, marinated for 48hrs in an authentic and secret Italian recipe, drenched in sticky herby juices and served with a choice of unbelievably tasty crunchy crackling and apple sauce. Sulphur Dioxide (sulphites)

    Pig Roll
  • Old Faithful


    3 Thick rashers of locally sourced back bacon, served on a large buttery soft white roll

    Old Faithful
  • Breakfast Roll


    This beauty comes with our locally made butchers jumbo sausage, 2 rashers of thick cut back bacon, and 2 free range eggs Eggs

    Breakfast Roll
  • Hot Dog


    Specially selected and served in a buttery soft white roll with sticky onions Mustard

    Hot Dog
  • Piri Piri


    Spicy fillets of chicken, marinated overnight and flame grilled, then placed in a soft tortilla wrap with a dollop of homemade slaw and chilli sauce to finish Chilli

    Piri Piri